July 07, 2021

Workplace Wellbeing

Every employer depends on having healthy and productive employees and we know that valued and supported staff are far more likely to deliver the best outcomes. Prioritising the mental and physical health of our employees is at the core of this very organisation.

We believe the workplace can be a force for positive change, supporting employees to live their lives well; and in turn doing better business. At The Senator Group the ideology of workplace wellbeing goes much further than its existence as a concept, we lead by this and we live by this. From the products we design, through to the workspaces we create and the relationships that we maintain.

This is showcased in products such as SetMe, driven by innovation and supporting only success. A disruptive design that not only challenges what the market currently has to offer, but challenges the industries perceived perception of personalised workspaces.

SetMe offers a one of a kind programable workstation, that can be individually set to meet the optimum performance height that perfectly suits each individual user. Allowing the body to adapt better posture and making a huge difference to a user’s energy levels.

One of the latest additions to our product library is Lyft, a stool that supports the body, the brain and the business. Lyft has been designed to intuitively support a user’s posture whilst they work, whether that be for 8 hours or 8 minutes. Its curved seat provides support and comfort whether sitting, standing or perching, whilst is agile nature encourage collaboration and agile working.

Staying happy and fulfilled at work could be as simple as changing your routine, becoming more proactive, or taking a different approach to your workplace and its people. All it takes is the right attitude and the ability to identify an approach that works best for you.


To help you add a little positivity back into to your day-to-day, here are our 5 Tips to Improve Your Workplace Wellbeing:

  1. Food and mood- Changes in blood sugar levels are linked to changes in mood and energy. Eating regularly maintains blood sugar levels. Not eating regularly can make you tired, irritable, anxious and cause poor concentration. Good tips include eating breakfast, eating every 3-4 hours, avoiding junk foods, eating plenty of fruit and veg and drinking lots of water. 

  2. Keep active- Physical activity helps release endorphins which can improve your mood. When you feel low in mood you might stop doing the things that can improve your mood, almost without realising it. Try to do some physical exercise, as this will give you quick results in improving your mood. Why not take a short walk on your break or cycle to and from work?

  3. Make an effort with colleagues - Maintaining a good relationship with your colleagues should never be underestimated. Even if some days you just feel like zoning out and not speaking to anyone – proactively getting involved with the people you work with could actually improve your mood in the long run and will create a more positive working environment.

  4. Work Smarter, Not Harder – First, set yourself achievable goals and ensure you have a strategy in place for task prioritisation. Secondly, create clear communication and collaboration among colleagues. And thirdly, provide visibility of the task you’re working on and the time it takes for them to be completed, this allows issues to be flagged and ensure work-life balance can be addressed.

  5. Control your setting – Creating a space that supports your wellbeing and work performance is key. Controlling the lighting, temperature and even the furniture within a space, will not only improve productivity but will enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

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