July 07, 2021

The Power of Design

Within our own workspaces and showrooms we are working in an ever increasingly collaborative way and whilst we have developed a variety of solutions for the tables or work surfaces used in this space.  It occurred to us that we didn’t have a simple pull up stool that allowed us to sit or perch to join a team for a quick, often ad-hoc discussion.

We researched the market and couldn’t find anything that responded to what we felt we wanted. So we set about creating one, it should be light, mobile, stable, cost effective and fun. In truth such a simple idea and resolution we wanted to test the market before going into full production.

First shown during the NeoCon exhibition in Chicago earlier this year. Roam shone brighter than anyone expected and visitors’ left longing for this design. With demand growing for this little prototype, we decided to revisit and revise what this product had to offer our audience. 

Perfect for both brief meets and breakouts, Roam is an everyday necessity that brings both colour and collaboration to any space. Supporting the wide spread industry desire to both build and bridge relationships within large corporate environments, our product provides freedom and versatility to its users.

So, why did the crowds go crazy for Roam? Was it due to its unique design, its limitless versatility, its customisable colour options? Or perhaps all of the above. One thing is for sure, visitors to Floor 11 loved it! 


Although we didn’t intend for this product to be a key highlight of show, Roam’s unobtrusive and uncomplicated nature spoke for itself. Leaving a lust for our quirky and colour stool, to swoon in and saturate the market. The story of Roams creation highlights how everything begins with just one singular idea. Here at The Senator Group we value new ideas that could better the way we operate, so much so that we have multiple programs that celebrate this!

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