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Talon is a stunning collection of versatile laptop and occasional tables designed to accompany soft seating in lounge or breakout areas. The innovative delta shaped laptop table can be used alone or clustered together for ad-hoc collaborative working. High and low occasional tables in a variety of complementary shapes and finishes complete the range.



CUZ1A City

Swatch: CUZ1B Imperial

CUZ1B Imperial

Swatch: CUZ1C Lancaster

CUZ1C Lancaster

Swatch: CUZ1D Bath

CUZ1D Bath

Swatch: CUZ1E Surrey

CUZ1E Surrey

Swatch: CUZ1F Ulster

CUZ1F Ulster

Swatch: CUZ1G Salford

CUZ1G Salford

Swatch: CUZ1H Belhaven

CUZ1H Belhaven

Swatch: CUZ1J Aberlour

CUZ1J Aberlour

Swatch: CUZ1K Camphill

CUZ1K Camphill

Swatch: CUZ1L Newport

CUZ1L Newport

Swatch: CUZ1M Glasgow

CUZ1M Glasgow

Swatch: CUZ1N Cardiff

CUZ1N Cardiff

Swatch: CUZ1P Hull

CUZ1P Hull

Swatch: CUZ1Q Brighton

CUZ1Q Brighton

Swatch: CUZ1R Plymouth

CUZ1R Plymouth

Swatch: CUZ1S Nottingham

CUZ1S Nottingham

Swatch: CUZ1T Sheffield

CUZ1T Sheffield

Swatch: CUZ1U Sussex

CUZ1U Sussex

Swatch: CUZ1V Manchester

CUZ1V Manchester

Swatch: CUZ1W Newcastle

CUZ1W Newcastle

Swatch: CUZ1X St Martins

CUZ1X St Martins

Swatch: CUZ1Y Edinburgh

CUZ1Y Edinburgh

Swatch: CUZ1Z Exeter

CUZ1Z Exeter

Swatch: CUZ02 Aston

CUZ02 Aston

Swatch: CUZ2A Loughborough

CUZ2A Loughborough

Swatch: CUZ08 Napier

CUZ08 Napier

Swatch: CUZ09 Oxford

CUZ09 Oxford

Swatch: CUZ12 Winchester

CUZ12 Winchester

Swatch: CUZ13 Wellington

CUZ13 Wellington

Swatch: CUZ14 Durham

CUZ14 Durham

Swatch: CUZ18 Oriel

CUZ18 Oriel

Swatch: CUZ21 Magdalene

CUZ21 Magdalene

Swatch: CUZ24 Balliol

CUZ24 Balliol

Swatch: CUZ26 Knightsbridge

CUZ26 Knightsbridge

Swatch: CUZ27 Collingwood

CUZ27 Collingwood

Swatch: CUZ28 Silverdale

CUZ28 Silverdale

Swatch: CUZ30 Silcoates

CUZ30 Silcoates

Swatch: CUZ31 Trevelyan

CUZ31 Trevelyan

Swatch: CUZ32 Banbridge

CUZ32 Banbridge

Swatch: CUZ33 Latymer

CUZ33 Latymer

Swatch: CUZ35 Bromsgrove

CUZ35 Bromsgrove

Swatch: CUZ39 Goldsmith

CUZ39 Goldsmith

Swatch: CUZ46 Eastbourne

CUZ46 Eastbourne

Swatch: CUZ47 Fairfield

CUZ47 Fairfield

Swatch: CUZ30 Silcoates (1)

CUZ30 Silcoates (1)

Swatch: CUZ53 Bryanstone

CUZ53 Bryanstone

Swatch: CUZ58 Dunhurst

CUZ58 Dunhurst

Swatch: CUZ62 Glenalmond

CUZ62 Glenalmond

Swatch: CUZ63 Handcross

CUZ63 Handcross

Swatch: CUZ66 Kimbolton

CUZ66 Kimbolton

Swatch: CUZ67 Kingsmead

CUZ67 Kingsmead

Swatch: CUZ82 Wesley

CUZ82 Wesley

Swatch: CUZ83 Butterstone

CUZ83 Butterstone

Swatch: CUZ84 Dollar

CUZ84 Dollar

Swatch: CUZ85 Keil

CUZ85 Keil

Swatch: CUZ86 St Andrews

CUZ86 St Andrews

Swatch: CUZ87 Aberdeen

CUZ87 Aberdeen

Swatch: CUZ88 Starley

CUZ88 Starley

Swatch: CUZ89 Rockport

CUZ89 Rockport

Swatch: CUZ90 Edge Hill

CUZ90 Edge Hill