Destination is the seating option of choice for the modern worker on the move. It helps you stay connected at airports, railway stations and any other place you choose to help you get from A to B.


With its inbuilt power supply, Destination makes sure you're connected so you can work, rest or play no matter where you're going.

Jonathan Prestwich

Jonathan Prestwich graduated in 1995 with a degree in Industrial Design before beginning work in a design studio in Boston, Massachusetts. After two years he moved back across the Atlantic to Burkhard Vogtherr in France where he gained several years of valuable experience.

In 2004 Prestwich set up his own studio in London and quickly established a reputation for simple, elegant products. Since then he has collaborated with several highly respected international companies, winning multiple awards for his innovation.

Jonathan’s wealth of experience is combined with a desire to make products for the next generation of users. Simple, elegant, innovative products which are influenced by nature and technology.




We don’t pay lip service to sustainability. We don’t do it because it’s fashionable. It’s something we genuinely care about. Sustainability is written in to everything that we do. It’s in our designs, our manufacturing and our delivery. Every one of our products is at least 99% recyclable with many being 100%.

In fact, we care so much about reducing our impact on the environment, that we even opened a new division of our business called Sustain™.

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