What is CAD

What is CAD

CAD blocks are named groups of objects that act as a single 2D or 3D object. They are used to create repeated content, such as drawing symbols or standard components


Here are some of the vital benefits of CAD blocks described below in a nutshell.

Lessen Repetitive Tasks
CAD Blocks are essential when users require utilizing an element numerous times in a drawing. Not only during the initial object creation blocks save time but when the revisions are needed it also can save your time.


Assuming that you are starting with an accurate CAD block, the usage of that identical CAD element or block for the duration of a drawing or version guarantees consistency, getting rid of potential errors that may come from having to redraw the object whenever. On the other hand, while designing with complicated elements, being able to download the component or model you need immediately from a producer or dealer indicates that you have accurate length and specification facts to apply to your layout.


Preserve Uniformity
Drawings and models that are containing a set of CAD standards are being presented in a brief and consistent way. There is a vital aspect that can enhance the efficiency and diminish the probable errors in your drawings. Therefore you should have title blocks, plumbing fixtures and fasteners regularly from one drawing to another drawing irrespective of CAD users’ category.


Block Attributes
Metadata information consisting blocks are called attributes. Perhaps this may be information like title block information, asset tracking numbers, or manufacturer information such as part number, model or weight. This data can be connected to an excel database and extracted for reports, bills of material and schedules formation.


The Senator Group Provide CAD Blocks for all products, across all of the three brands. To access these, click on the Resource Library to download.


*Only works on specific software