June 23, 2021

Sustain Wish List

Our sustainability strategy encompasses economy, environment, and communities - from sustainable business models that keep local people in jobs, to protecting our environment for the next generation, to supporting communities and helping those in need, we are committed to sustainability at every level.


As part of our continuous improvement approach we constantly strive to do more when it comes to sustainability. As a result, we have developed the ‘Senator Wish List’ initiative to expand our current furniture donation scheme, improving our community engagement, environmental protection, and local charity support.


Sustain, part of The Senator Group, has been donating products to our local community for years. Schools, charities, community groups and small businesses have benefitted from free furniture products, which has added great value to organisations with tight budgets.


Senator Wish List is an expansion of this existing activity. Through this initiative we hope to further extend our community support to all areas of the UK, building greater connections with charities, SMEs and education on a regional level.


What is Sustain?

Sustain is The Senator Group’s internal recycling and remanufacturing centre. As part of our service offering to our clients, we can remove and redundant furniture through one of three options:

  • Donate – give products to local charities/schools/start-ups free of charge
  • Recommission – update products, potentially in a new aesthetic, for the client to re-use on a new scheme
  • Recycle – break the product down and recycle the materials and component parts as part of our circular economy approach

This prevents any products from going to landfill, and thereby reduces carbon emissions. Sustain receives an ever increasing volume of redundant furniture as companies are taking a more sustainable approach to office refurbishment.


What is the Wish List?

Whilst we already donate furniture, we receive plenty of products in that we believe could benefit from being re-used in a new environment.

We are asking communities to get in touch with your furniture needs. By asking you to ‘make a wish’, we hope to make an even bigger, positive impact with our current donations scheme.

Unwanted products are often of good quality, with a modern aesthetic, but have simply become redundant in their current environment. We will quality check the products to ensure they are still fit for purpose before matching them to your wish.

So if you’re looking for furniture – whether that’s a meeting table, workstations, task chairs, reception furniture, storage, soft furniture, or yes, even footstools! - get in touch with wishlist@thesenatorgroup.com and see if we can help.

Currently donations are limited to businesses that really need them, whether that’s charity, community projects, schools, or micro SMEs.

How do I make a wish?

All we need is the following information:

  • Requirement: (provide detail on the types of products you are looking for e.g. task chairs)         
  • Volume : (include how many of that product you are looking for e.g. 6)
  • Preferred Colours: (if you have a colour scheme you’re trying to match, let us know and we’ll see what we can do e.g. grey, white, black, blue and yellow)           
  • Company name: (State company name and type here e.g. New Startup Ltd)
  • Location: (Include the city where you need the furniture e.g. Manchester)
  • Address: (Include the full address of where you need the furniture)
  • Date needed by: (Include the date that you need the furniture by)
  • Contact Details: (Include phone number, email and full name of the individual making the wish)

Once you email this, our team will be in touch to clarify any details, and you will then be added to the wish list. The wish list is cross referenced by our Sustain team to match you with the best donation.

If you have any questions about this initiative, our team on wishlist@thesenatorgroup.com will be more than happy to assist.

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