May 27, 2021

Plan, Build and Share

As The Senator Group continues to invest in its digital infrastructure and innovative solutions to help showcase our product portfolio in the easiest way possible, we’re pleased to launch our new configurator. 

With real-time rendering Allermuir’s optimised configurator offers over 55 thousand design variants. The 3D live design tool allows you to step even deeper into the design with real-time planning, rendering, automatic pricing, and instant downloads. With hundreds of products, fabrics, and finish options available Your Allermuir makes specifying and styling simple. 


Senator’s configurator for now, only covers three products, Mote, Pailo, and Play, but delves deeper offering an intuitive planning tool that enables each user to build, change, and add the relevant accessories programmed to each product. 

The entire Senator portfolio will in time be digitised to enable detailed, customisable, and hi-resolution configurations. This will be launched later this year with Senator’s newly anticipated and dedicated brand website.


Here’s what you can do:


Once you have selected a product on Allermuir or Senator.Online you will be able to edit an existing product configuration.

Here you will be able to:

  • Edit finishes and add accessories
  • Export as a PDF or image (PDF will be priced if logged in)
  • Select from a range of product types on this page


With this feature you are able to create your own modular configurations. Simply click the ‘Plan your own’ button for Senator or ‘Build your setup’ button for Allermuir. You will find this just below the configurator sections of each respective sites.

With this tool you will be able to:

  • Create modular setups
  • Add or remove product types from your setup
  • Configure finishes and add accessories
  • Export as a PDF or image (PDF will be priced if logged in)
  • Get a complete breakdown of the details of your setup

To build your own, head to or

* Play, Pailo and Mote are available  for both configurator and planning features on Senator.Online

*Your Allermuir can be found on every product page throughout, with the planning tool currently available on Crate Divide and Mayze.

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