September 15, 2021

Introducing Sketch

Sketch is a new magazine from Senator and Allermuir 

Sketch is a forum to showcase new ideas, trends, opinions, and product, from both Senator and Allermuir. Two completely different brands but with one vision to create innovative products for the workplace. 

As we become more, and more, reliant on digital tools and our expectation of how we use information becomes faster, and more throw away — we felt Sketch was the most appropriate way to summarise how we now work.

Sketch has been created to help you get creative, get more familiar, and ultimately more inspired. In each edition, we’ll take a creative look at all the different ways we all work, and suggest ideas, improvements, small hacks, big changes to give you lots of ideas on how Senator and Allermuir products can be used and combined.

And with this being a digital-first, publication every edition will contain downloadable settings and information to help you quickly created and demonstrate the agile, quality, and versatility of our products. 

This edition contains;

  • Open Briefing - we take a look at the role of the workplace and is now the best time ever to change how we work?
  • Introducing Play - Say hello to Play Tables, perfect for agile and collaborative office work.
  • Play Settings - Five downloadable Play settings that will make your office or workspace more adaptable.
  • Modular Mote - Explore a new way to work, relax, and meet, in seating designed with flexibility in mind.
  • In Conversation - We catch up with Make Gabbertas to discuss his latest collaboration with Allermuir.
  • Create with Crate - Get to know Crate divide, our new storage system built with division, privacy and zoning in mind.
  • Introducing CROP - Explore our new range of outdoor furniture inspired by British countryside.

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