Orai uses a restrained, minimal aesthetic to create its architectural profile. Simple, elegant and timeless, the design works in a variety of interior spaces. The considered tailoring and gentle profiling of the upholstery allow the sofa to maintain its comfort and form even in high use areas.

The design by Mark Gabbertas achieves a deliberate balance between the classic and contemporary and is available as single-seat armchair, 2-seater and 3-seater sofa. Orai is the cousin to the Oran range of upholstery and uses the same aluminium frame and cast aluminium legs to carry the slightly more compact, but equally welcoming upholstery volumes.

Meet the Designers

Mark Gabbertas

Yorkshire born Mark Gabbertas graduated from Durham University with a degree in Political Philosophy. After eight years as an account manager at the advertising agency, Saatchi and Saatchi, Mark was ready for a change. In 1990 he left advertising to follow his passion and trained as a cabinet maker.

After only two years training Mark set up on his own company and was commissioned to design the furniture for the Atelier restaurant in Soho, which won the FX Furniture in Practice award in 1995.

In 2002 Mark established the Gabbertas Studio in West London. Gabbertas’ philosophy is to create character through simplicity, giving a lasting design aesthetic. This approach has earned him numerous awards including a Red Dot and a Design Guild Mark for the design of Haven for Allermuir.

The Gabbertas Studio recognises that the pursuit of simplicity can be challenging and often belies the complexity of the engineering and manufacturing techniques needed to achieve it. It has been recognised for its rigorous pursuit of design which has both elegance and a lasting aesthetic. These are not fashionable concepts, but that is the point.

Designs for Allermuir

Haven, Tommo



We don’t pay lip service to sustainability. We don’t do it because it’s fashionable. It’s something we genuinely care about. Sustainability is written in to everything that we do. It’s in our designs, our manufacturing and our delivery. Every one of our products is at least 99% recyclable with many being 100%.

In fact, we care so much about reducing our impact on the environment, that we even opened a new division of our business called Sustain™.