Why Wait for Your Products?

Our customers and clients don’t always want to wait and why should they? We offer Xpress programmes across all our three brands; Senator, Allermuir and Torasen. This means some of our most popular products can be ordered and received within 5 – 15 days depending on the product.

We know that sometimes a client needs furniture fast, which is why we have a range of products across all our brands and ranges which we can supply within days. In our Xpress programme we have furniture which can be used in all market sectors such as education, health, hospitality and leisure.

Short lead times can be particularly critical for some projects and it’s our ability to supply efficiently over short timescales that we feel is a real differentiator for our services and our customers. We understand our customers need products on short lead times sometimes, we don’t expect that all projects requirements are planned months ahead, people need furniture quickly sometimes that’s just the way it is and we appreciate there is not always the time to plan as much as we would like, or – opportunities arise quickly you want to capitalise on them.

To view the Xpress ranges see our brochures, or contact our Customer Service Team to discuss your requirements further.