Tailored Solutions

Create Furniture Which is Unique

Our tailor made solutions have become so popular, that they now account for almost a third of everything we make. That’s quite an achievement if you think we produce over 650,000 pieces of furniture every year in the UK alone. What’s more, our special items have the same short lead times as all products in our portfolio.

We have a dedicated team who will guide you through every step of the process to create furniture which is unique, beautifully finished and fits its environment perfectly. Our specialist CAD team can help visualise your ideas, working together with your chosen architects and designers. You can also access our space planning, workplace consultancy and installation services to create individual and inspiring spaces that you’ll be delighted with.

From desking to storage to bench seating to partitions, we have created a wide range of tailored solutions for a variety of industries across the world. Metric or imperial, round or square, angled or curved; we combine our traditional manufacturing skills with the latest technology to achieve stunning results.

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