Space Planning

It's all in the planning

The Senator Group’s space planning team works closely with our sales, tender and quotation teams to interpret the client brief and to supply a full assessment of workplace and design requirements using the latest technologies to produce effective spatial design and employ the Settings™ concept with the aim of realising the client’s vision.

As part of the space planning process, the team reviews the client need, how much space is required to operate efficiently, evaluates the basic constraints of the building and the opportunities for change, includes feedback on inter-departmental relationships and requirement for collaboration between teams, job task and function, office design requirements, working practices and furniture needs to produce plans and models using 2D, 3D technologies to illustrate the design options.

Provisional space plans and illustrations of the client’s ideas and preferences with recommendations based on the assessment of space for the client are produced for feedback and discussion with the client, and their design partners and contractors, and can be adapted on further discussions on product choices and their look and feel in the visualisation.

Our Space Planning team uses the latest technologies to realistically recreate environments to accurately visualise the product in the environment, incorporating workplace planning and the Settings™ concept as an integral part of the process of facilitating change to meet a client’s objectives.