One size does not fit all

Settings™ is a concept from The Senator Group which is developed to enable modern, flexible, efficient and cost effective workplaces for people that will facilitate new working practice, enhance collaboration, improve service delivery and act as a catalyst for change in the workspace. View the brochure.

The Senator Group believes a great workplace creates a unique identity and culture for an organisation, helping staff recruitment and retention, encouraging collaboration and increasing productivity. It’s something that deserves far more consideration than the physical number of people and desks required.

Settings™ is a very clear and simple way to help people understand exactly how spaces can be made as efficient and productive as possible facilitating collaboration at all levels. The Senator Group believes it is possible to segment tasks or spaces into five basic definitions or top level activities;Work, Share, Show, Source, Refresh

Settings™ creates a set of common planning tools and supports a more dynamic style of working across many spaces based on behaviours and work styles required. Using a simple block planning approach, Settings™ provides a series of environments that are focused on these task areas and the activity being carried out. This gives individuals the freedom to migrate around the office, utilising the furniture setting that is most relevant to the task being undertaken, as well as embracing technology requirements within the space.