Workplace Consultancy

You might want to sit down for this

The workplace has changed, is changing, and will carry on evolving as the lines between work and home life become more blurred, the speed of technological changes continues at a pace and the types of tasks we are undertaking require us to collaborate and be more flexible in our approach.

What’s so fascinating for The Senator Group, not just as a furniture supplier but as an enabler of change is how to facilitate the needs of people through our experience in workplace consultancy. Our approach is not to dictate but to be there to enable and facilitate future change for customers, clients and end users.

Being at the forefront of changing trends and influences means The Senator Group can translate these themes into the assessment of space and offer advice and support on how businesses and individuals might want to develop them. A key driver within most organisations and work places is to encourage and nurture collaboration within the workforce, when this is achieved business benefits are realised.

This detailed analysis of the space will help inform the planning teams to ultimately create an evolving and cost effective layout incorporating workplace planning utilising The Senator Group’s Settings™ concept, which is a catalyst to support the changing needs of people and workspaces and works with the design process.

The Senator Group offers workplace consultancy on key projects and can assist clients to achieve their business objectives through the Settings™ concept. Please contact us for more details or to request a copy of the Settings™ brochure contact us or download the Settings™ brochure here.