The Classic Reinvented

Introducing Tarry, a new collection of wing back lounge seating designed for Allermuir in partnership with Wolfgang C.R.Mezger. Inspired by the classic wing chair, Tarry is a collection of modern lounge seating designed to invite private discussion and quiet contemplation.

The luxurious wing back lounge chair has a versatile style that is the perfect accompaniment to both modern and vintage interiors, while the acoustic properties of the seat’s wing panels make the piece ideal for breakout areas and executive lounges, or hotel and hospitality environments.

The name Tarry derives from the ideology of creating a seat that invites the user to stay and to remain in that space.  Exceeding expectations of comfort, the swivel based lounge chair is generous in proportions but compact in footprint.  Featuring an innovative dynamic tilt mechanism accommodating all desired sitting positions, Tarry provides additional levels of support in more relaxed and informal postures.

In designing Tarry careful consideration was given to the development of classic design, to create a wingback lounge chair that remains relevant, the surrounding ears of the chair provide an escapism in busy surroundings. With a built in movable headrest that creates the perfect amalgamation of ergonomics and relaxation.

“I see Tarry as a modern interpretation of the classic wing back chair. Incorporating new details and a unique typology that creates a complex sculpture with swept back ears and integrated armrests. The thought process behind Tarry was to create a seat with the highest levels of comfort that captures an individual protected feeling.

Tarry is a chair that will create a feeling of a self-existence in public spaces and allow users to work undisturbed with mobile technology, creating an illusion of privacy that invites us to simply relax. When used in executive offices Tarry is a retreat and a chair that will soon find company in residential areas.

With features like the tilt mechanism, height adjustable headrest and the addition of a footstool, Tarry is a charming chair that architects and designers would choose not just for interiors but enjoy themselves.” Wolfgang C.R.Mezger

Tarry’s defining silhouette lends itself well to upholstery types including two-tone that is complemented beautifully by the choice of powder coat colours available on the swivel blade four star base.

To see Tarry or any of our other product launches for 2017 visit our showroom on 10 Northburgh Street, Clerkenwell.