As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have our own recycling business called Sustain™ which has two dedicated recycling centres in the UK. Through Sustain, you can access a number of services including the collection and recycling of your waste packaging and recycle or remanufacture of your old furniture.

Sustain helps us as a business too, reducing waste across our whole business using our ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ principles. The idea is very simple, we look at what waste we’re creating and work out innovative ways of reducing and or removing it. Through Sustain we recycled over 4,000 tonnes of material in 2014 and reused hundreds of thousands of items. We’re really proud that our own recycling rate is currently at 97.7% and nothing from our desking or seating factory ever goes to landfill.

Remanufacturing Service
Furniture remanufacturing can be considered as a way of turning your existing furniture into ‘good as new’. Find our more.

Packaging Recycling Service
Throwing materials away not only costs you money but also adds to landfill shortage and wastes valuable resources that could be recycled. Find out more.

Furniture Recycling Service
Did you know it costs approximately the same to recycle an item of furniture as it does to send it to landfill? Find out more.