A true manufacturer

A unique combination of state of the art manufacturing technology together with traditional hand finished expertise, allows us to create beautifully finished and detailed furniture collections. As a true manufacturer, we control every part of the process, from beginning to end. We design, we weld, we paint, we mould, we cut, we sew, we stock and we ship worldwide.

We have 1,250,000 sq ft of international manufacturing space, which spans Europe, America and Australasia, however our principle resources are in Britain where we first began. Here in Britain we have two manufacturing sites, both based in Lancashire.

At our UK Desking plant alone we have invested £10 million in state of the art manufacturing equipment and produce over 300,000 pieces a year including desking, tables, storage and screens. We are the only UK furniture manufacturer who can offer a laser edge finish providing an extra dimension to their beauty and durability.

At our neighbouring seating site we rely heavily on the talent and craftsmanship of our people. Although we produce over 350,000 seats per year, each and every one is finished by hand and the same care is taken during every part of the manufacturing and upholstery process to achieve the highest level of detail. We have also invested in a great deal of fabric stock to keep lead times to a minimum and provide exceptional choice.