Bringing Work - Home

Senator’s Pailo will be launching to the North American market at this year’s NeoCon. Chosen for the beauty of the grain, Pailo’s defining feature is the strong silhouette of the solid ash legs used across the range.

Pailo makes a natural selection for any corporate space, incorporating a collection of single and back to back desks as well as multiple project tables to suit both formal and informal working styles. In-line and back to back benches are created by connecting an add-on desk to a starter desk. This enables the linking of as many add on desks as necessary to complete a configuration.

Designed to offer customizable areas to suit even the most transient of workspaces, the inclusion of a gantry provides a hanging space for Pailo’s versatile range of screens and accessories. Pailo’s gantry and accessory detailing are new to Senator manufacturing, bringing new techniques to a traditional craft. The gantry system is securely attached into the under structure through a drill system creating a rigid support system for the attachment of additional Pailo elements.

Hanging screens can be suspended from the gantry by bridle leather straps, leaving the above space free to be used for the pendulous lighting and plants. Pailo’s adjustable drape screens offer personalized levels of privacy, attached to the gantry they can be raised or lowered by the user to suit individual preference.

Adding screens in the workplace is not always about privacy, they can also offer functionality. Pailo’s cloud screen creates a place to pin ideas or notes to remember, mounting directly to the understructure of the desk to give the illusion that they are free floating.

“As we continually move towards the desire for a more domestic working environment, we decided to look at how we could achieve a desk that carried this ideology. Pailo was created out of a desire to provide a softer approach to the more formal bench desking system and explore new ways of introducing fabric into the workplace.”

Paul Hobson, Head of Design, Senator.

Pailo’s beauty is more than surface deep, although constructed from wood Pailo’s legs are securely held in place via a metal to metal connection. Making use of a black headed bolt that goes right through the solid ash, hiding itself in the shadow of the recess to avoid visibility and into the threaded aluminum casting for reinforced strength. The casting continuously connects to Pailo’s innovative extruded beam structure, featuring a groove that hides all fixing points and also makes the underside smooth to the touch.

Designed with flexibility in mind. Pailo’s 8mm steel cable trays attach via a sliding loop bracket that has the ability to travel the length of the beam, enabling flexible fixing points for wire management. Connected via the same groove and taking advantage of the sliding system is Pailo’s suspended wire caddy. An optional addition for keeping personal belongings off the floor and close to hand, providing an easily accessible space with multiple shelves.

A change of scenery can stimulate the mind, introducing Pailo project tables to the office creates a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday 9 to 5 workstation, come together as a team and bounce ideas or lay out plans for a project that needs additional focus. Available in lengths of 96”, 144” and 196”, they’re more than just a larger work surface area, they’re a required resource.

There’s an ever increasing need in the office for spaces that allow the physical world and digital world to merge seamlessly. Mobile technology and personal devices have become an essential integration into work life. With optional built in power and data, Pailo project tables offer a place to think and recharge, to collaborate and connect.

Wood, metal, fabric and leather are forged together by our craftsmen, in our own factory, to individual specifications. Several top options suit Pailo’s contemporary design including Laminate-faced Plywood, with a square edge detail left in a clear finish, to expose the beauty of the Ply. For even greater choice, Pailo is also available in a choice of 14 TFL finishes, with a matching or contrasting edge detail. Solid ash legs and gantry can be specified with a clear matt finish or black color wash.

From vibrant corals and pastel blues, to the simplicity of white, Pailo’s selection of metal finishes enable personal expression and branding in commercial spaces through a combination of color and texture.

Pailo will be unveiled at NeoCon 2018 and can be seen in the permanent Allermuir Showroom Suite 10-146 at The Merchandise Mart, Chicago.